Things to Consider in Choosing a Garden Fence

Wood is the most commonly used in landscapes or garden because it can easily compliment to the beauty of the area. It can be customized to fit for whatever landscape theme you have whether you want a little privacy but still providing a little glimpse of your garden from the outside, wooden fence can give your garden an attractive style. Like a lattice board fencing that could serve as a wind breaker for your garden and at the same time gives support to your climbing vines.

Garden fencing can be of many purposes, one of the best is that it can accent and can really define certain area in your garden. Depending on the style you choose whether a stand section of rail or post or a border edging with a foot high, sure this can add to the beauty of your landscape.

One good idea of the use of lattice panel is using it at the edge of your garden that is nearest to the house and have some morning glory or other flowering plants to  climb that will give you a pleasant and beautiful scene of the outside from your kitchen window or your bedroom or you can just create an arbor with full height of lattice panels with a distance of 6 to 8 feet and using a thick garden twine or a bridge in order for in order for vines to climb across to the living roof.

Also, another versatile fencing function is making it a border edging. Think outside the box and use wire garden fence to create small accents within the garden plot you can outline the corner or it might also be at the end of the garden through cast iron edge border.

For a little raised garden bed, you can either use redwood blocks or cedar shakes in creating curved borders or it could serve as a backdrop in the area where you could spill white asylum or indigo lobelia. You can also create a zigzag border using low picket garden fencing which also a decorative style when combined with marigold and zinnias in its V shape teeth for more unique look.

You can also create a beautiful background for your patio through garden fencing like those metal trellis installed on the patio edge just behind the dining set or the table. Define your edge by having a twine of climbing roses over it. Not only it will define the edge of the patio but also it will make the area elegant and create a tasteful accent to the patio at the same time with your garden.

For more formal and historic homes in high end urban homes or Victorian houses, cast-iron or wrought-iron fences is likely to be ornate but there are now composite materials, anodized aluminum or powder coated steel available in the market which is easier to maintain and more affordable.

The oldest know type of fence is stone fencing. This is great for garden walls and also for boundary marker in traditional homes like Cape Cods and Colonials when built using native stones. With the help of friction and gravity, dry-wall stay together.

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