Should You Install Perpetual Asphalt Pavements? 

If you would choose a pavement material that could last you for a very long time, what would you prefer? The best one for you is what’s called the perpetual asphalt pavement. This type of pavement has a tough outer layer. In case that outer layer ceases to work, a new one will simply be put right in its place.  

 Should You Install Perpetual Asphalt Pavements

The benefits of installing perpetual pavements can’t be denied. It’s actually one of the most powerful choices that you have these days. Perpetual pavement is defined as one that can serve you for over 50 years without the need for a major repair, reconstruction, or rehabilitation. The other names given perpetual pavements are extended life, long life, and deep strength pavements. 

Why is it Perpetual? 

Since the pavement is referred to as perpetual, it doesn’t require any major maintenance. The asphalt is also expected to remain in place for as long as 50 years or even longer than that. Pavements are subject to a lot of stress and distress but for these types, they are going to be confined primarily to the surface, and that can be overlaid or replaced with new layers very easily too. That way, the pavement achieves an extended serviceable life. The only maintenance necessary is to renew the layer in order for the pavement structure to remain right in its place for a very long time. 

What’s the Pavement Design Plan? 

When planning or designing perpetual pavements, there are two major goals that have to be considered. The first one is to ensure that the pavement is strong enough to resist all or any structural distress subjected to it. By that, it includes deformation, fatigue cracking, and fulldepth rutting.   

The other element to the designing is the way that the pavement and its surface could withstand traffic. It should also anticipate certain environmental effects without causing any significant damage to it caused by moisture or abrasion.  

To meet these goals, the structure of the pavement should be designed with an emphasis on the upper layers of the surface to prevent any form of damage or rutting. As for the lowest layers, the focus should be on flexibility and thickness to avoid cracking up to the surface.  

How is the Maintenance Carried out? 

Just like any other type of pavements, wear and tear will show up in the future. Such surface distresses are not that expected in the perpetual pavement. But if they do occur, an overlay or repair should be scheduled soon in order to prevent the problem from getting worse. The right replacement materials should be used. The materials used have to have similar characteristics like the original surface to further achieve permeability, durability, and rust resistance. 

Perpetual pavements come in different asphalt mix layers. The goal is not just to build thicker pavements but also to enhance the overall strength of the pavementEach later should do its job of ensuring the functionality and durability of the pavement for a very long time. Expert Champion asphalt paving services can help you meet these requirements.  


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